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Contact the WSRBA Bulletin Editor at wsrbabulletin@gmail.com with any questions or to submit advertising with the WSRBA.

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Bulletin Ad Rates

                    4 Issues    1 Issue

Full Page    $100.00     $30.00

1/2 Page     $ 50.00     $15.00

1/4 Page     $ 25.00     $  7.00

1/6 Page     $ 16.00     $  6.00

1/12 Page   $ 12.00 (includes website posting of advertisement)

Club Page  $ 65.00

Inside cover and inside back cover fee is $150.00 (the inside cover pages are full color ads). Clubs may place a one time SHOW AD for $20.00 (Full Page only) which includes placing your show catalog or flier on the Web site.

ALL NFS Checks will be charged a $25.00 processing fee.

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