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All Breed Clubs

What is an all breed club?  These clubs are groups whose members raise any of the 47 accepted breeds (as well as those breeds not currently recognized by the ARBA).  These are the clubs that host the different all breed shows across the state, host the Annual State Convention and also host "specialty shows" (breed specific shows) during their all breed shows.  

All of these clubs are looking for additional members who have an interest in promoting the rabbit world. 
One of the biggest advantages to joining an all breed club(s) is that you get to meet people with interests in a wide variety of breeds.  You may just find your "perfect breed" through one of the other members.  You can forge lasting friendships and the best part about these friends is they will never look at you like you are more that a bit "crazy" for getting up at 2:00 am, loading a vehicle and driving over 3 hrs just to show a few rabbits, or a bit "strange" because you turn down the "group of friends" trip to some exotic place because your next round of BIS hopefuls is due during that time

We encourage you to contact any of the clubs listed in regards to their membership process, dues, meetings etc.
   The secretary is the ideal person to contact first when looking for information.  Most of these individuals can be found at the different shows or contacted through the information listed for the club.



Specialty Clubs 

So what is a specialty club?  Specialty clubs are formed to gather together a group of exhibitors who raise a single specific breed (with the exception of the angora breeds combine together to form one club).  These groups do more toward promotion of their breed than all breed clubs do.  These clubs are also sanctioned through the corresponding national club for that breed as well as the ARBA.

Through this type of club you will be able to find breeders in your area.  These groups are the ones typically responsible for hosting the specialty (single breed only) shows throughout the show season.  Many of these are held at the same site as an all breed show (though it is not a requirement). These groups may sponsor their breed’s National Show here in Wisconsin.  Some of the less common breeds may have their breed nationals held in conjunction with one of the local all breed shows, while other more popular breeds may have a  larger show by themselves. 

We encourage you to contact the specialty clubs as they are an excellent resource for asking questions if you’re looking for information when considering a breed, or trying to find a breeder to purchase new show rabbits or additional breeding stock from.   The secretary for these clubs is the ideal starting contact person.  Most of these individuals can be found at the different shows or contacted through the information listed for the club.

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