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The clubs listed below are the specialty breed clubs that are chartered with the Wisconsin State Rabbit Breeders Association. Please use the email hyperlinks included within the listings to contact the secretaries of any of the clubs you would like additional information from. Individuals are allowed to be members of more then one club so please contact them directly to find out about joining.

-Blackhawk Country
Netherland Dwarf

President:  Cindy Stelloh
Vice President:  Christi Ringelstetter
Secretary:  Mike Famartino
                12211 So Spencer St
                Alsip, IL  60803
Treasurer:  Mike Famartino
Director:  Sue Hill
Director:  Sherry Kelber
Director:  Katie Gostomski
Director:  Dawn Kaster
Director:  Kevin Krentz
Director: Casey Bodenheimer

-Dairyland Fuzzies Rabbit Club
President:  Laurie Peirick
Vice President:  Terry Kelman
Secretary:  Kristi Kenkel
                PO Box 808
                Elkader, IA  52403  
Treasurer:  Kristi Kenkel
Director:  Kitty Peirick
Director: Dalton Kelman
Director:  McKenzie Kenkel

-Great Plains Jersey
Wooly Rabbit Club

President:  Cheryl Loesch
Vice President:  Hailey Birkholz
Secretary:  Doug Brown
                505 Main St
                 Norwalk, WE 54648
Treasurer:  Raquel Galovitz
Director:  Janice Hatt
Director:  Lori Garsow
Director:  Carmen Deling
Director: Cheyenne Galovitz

-Lop Rabbit Club of Wisconsin
President: Keith Peltier
Vice President: Nicole Commons
Secretary: Katie Peltier
    PO Box 2053
    Superior, WI 54880
Treasurer: Katie Peltier
Director: Cassie Bartsch 
Director: Pearl Loging
Director: Val Jenquart

-Midwest Holland Lop Club
President:  Sue Eyler
Vice President:  Jenny Poprawski
Secretary: Teri Antonioni
                    N2823 W Cty Rd A
                    Cascade, WI 53011 
Treasurer:  Teri Antonioni
Director:  Tracie Deling
Director:  Gary Ringelstetter
Director:  Brian Schell
Director:  Emily Schell
Director:  Andy Herioux

-Midwest Lop Club
President:  Nicole Commons
Vice President:  Jessie Miller
Secretary:  Kyle Adams
                    2705 Mason St
                    Delavan, WI 53115
Treasurer:  Kyle Adams
Director:  Maggie Howard-Weigel
Director:  Jason Guthrie
Director: Tina Steinhagen

Midwest Mini Rex Rabbit Club
President:  Cindy Ratzel
Vice President:  Mapel Kelly
Secretary:  Theresa Ratzel
                1169 Stark St
                Kewaskum, WI 53040
Treasurer:  Theresa Ratzel
Director:  Jennifer Bates
Director:  Sara Compart
Youth Director:  Savannah Baumhardt
Youth Director:  Addison Bates

-WI Silver Marten Club
President:  Melissa Carlson
Vice President:  Connie Burrant
Secretary:  Katie Peltier
                PO Box 2053

                Superior, Wi 54880
Treasurer:  Katie Peltier
Director:  Mark Burant
Director:  Barb Semb
Director:  Keith Peltier

-WI Satin Breeders Association
President:  Bob Geske
Vice President:  Don Luth
Secretary:  Al Lunde
                W9512 Cty B
                Waterloo, WI  53594
Treasurer:  Al Lunde
Director:  Karsyn Bartell
Director:  Dawn Geske
Director:  Sheri Harris
Director:  Pat Holmes
Director:  Justin Geske


-Upper Midwest Angora Club
President: Lynn Galbraith-Wilson
Vice President: Amanda Fritsch
Secretary: Cindy Stelloh
Treasurer: Mike Wilson
Director: Laurie Penterman
Director: Rachel Penterman
Director: Sally Hall
Director: Kristie Kenkel

Upper Midwest Checkered Giant Club
President:  Keith Peltier
Vice President:  Phil Krueger
Secretary:  Tiffany Schweidenmann
                5950 Clover Rd

                Hartford, WI 53027
Treasurer:  Tiffany Schweidenmann
Director:  Katie Pelteir
Director:  Bruce Johnson

Director: Jessica Milanowski

-Upper Midwest Dutch Rabbit Club
President:  Sandy Zimdars
Vice President:  Dan Schwandt
Secretary:  Melody Stremkowski
                5568 Hwy EE
                Amherst, WI  54406
Treasurer:  Melody Stremkowski
Director:  Jacalynn Gumz
Director:  Megan Hockerman
Director:  Sue Hill

-Upper Midwest
Flemish Giant Club
President:  Dr. Dan Hall
Vice President:  Keith Peltier
Secretary:  Katie Peltier
                PO Box 2053
                Superior, WI 54880
Treasurer:  Katie Peltier
Director:  Alan Siktberg
Director:  Bruce Johnson
Director:  Val JeanQuart

-Upper Midwest Rex Rabbit Club
President:  Patti Roloff
Vice President:  Eric Breitenfeldt
Secretary:  Dennis Roloff
                E1198 Haase Rd
                Waupaca, WI  54981-7506
Treasurer:  Dennis Roloff
Director:  Jordan Wolff
Director:  Vern Miller
Director:  Elizabeth Becker
Director:  Martha Adams
Director: Cherry Buttles

-WI Californian Rabbit Breeders
President:  Jerry Thayer
Vice President:  Rob Wampner
Secretary:  Jeremy Kintzler
                N4308 Hwy 151
                Oakfield, WI 53065 
Treasurer:  Jeremy Kintzler
Director:  Don Luth
Director:  Mark Burant
Director:  David Cardinal

-WI Havana Rabbit Breeders
President:  Andy Zimmerman
Vice President:  Bonnie Romanowski
Secretary:  Tanya Zimmerman
                N9487 Walnut Rd
                Clintonville, WI  54929
Treasurer:  Tanya Zimmerman
Director:  Rob Wampner
Director:  Amanda Wampner
Director:  Kersten Zimmerman

-WI Mini Lop Specialty Club
President:  John Kitzner
Vice President:  Sara Kitsemble
Secretary:  Pam Celesnik
                    5706 County Hwy T
                    Chippewa Falls, WI  54729
Treasurer:  Pam Celesnik
Director:  Mary Steinmetz
Director:  Brianna Celesnik
Director:  Mike Donahue

-WI New Zealand Rabbit Club
President:  Don Luth
Vice President:  Jeremy Kintzler
Secretary:  Ann Kintzler
                N4308 Hwy 151
                Oakfield, WI  53065
Treasurer:  Davud Cardinal
Director:  Rob Wampner
Director:  Tom Kohn
Director:  Amanda Wampner
Director:  Rob Wampner
Director:  Jesse Wileman

-WI Polish Rabbit Club
President:  Jill Schmitt
Vice President:  Jessica Cotter
Secretary:  Debbie Cotter
                  2383 Sunny Lane 
                  Kewaskum, WI  53040  
Treasurer:  Debbie Cotter
Director:  Evelyn Hanson
Director:  Felishia Hayward
Director:  Autumn Morrow

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