Wisconsin State Rabbit Breeders Association

Rabbits for Fun & Show!

  • The WSRBA Royalty consists of various eduational and judging contests. 
  • Youth share their rabbit and cavy knowledge and skills every year at the WSRBA State Convention.
  • Youth compete in a written test, showmanship, breed identification, and breed judging. 
  • Scores of all competitions are combined to award the recipients in each division.

The WSRBA encourages all eligible youth members to participate

in the competition.  Applications are posted here in late spring / early

summer and have a due date connected with them.

These "Royal" members serve as representatives of the club, helping at shows, and helping to hand out awards at the annual banquet. This is a great opportunity to learn more, meet more youth members that you might not have met before, and to have a lot of fun in a hobby we all love.

King - Kevin Kretz

I am 17 years old and I am from Sheboygan,  Wisconsin. I am

very excited to be named the 2016 WSRBA King.

I am currently enrolled at IDEAS Academy in Sheboygan. This is

my eighth year being a member of the WSRBA

and this is also my eighth year of being a member of my 4-H club,

The Leaping Lizards. I mainly raise Netherland Dwarfs

and with them I have gotten numerous awards

such as Best of Breeds and even a few best of Shows.

A big thanks to Gary Brachman a Dwarf breeder who helped me start

my rabbit career by giving me a Ruby Eyed White buck named Ben.

Though I can't forget to thank my parents Paul and Lisa Krentz for

always driving me around the state and sometimes around the country

to rabbit shows and helping support me throughout these eight years.

After achieving this award, I will be busy setting another goal to help

further improve my herd. Though I will never forget how having rabbits

has changed my life, it taught me skills and introduced me to people that

I never would've met. Thank you again for this great opportunity.

Queen - Shelby Tone

Since starting this project, I've shown at over fifty shows in six different states. At the 2014 Wisconsin State Fair, in my first year with rabbits, I was named Reserve Champion Rabbit Premier Exhibitor overall. The next year, I was the Supreme Champion Rabbit Showperson at State Fair and my Cinnamon doe, Nutkin, won Best 6 Class. From 2015-2016, my favorite Sable buck, Barclay, won Best in Show three times, Reserve in Show once, Best of Youth Group 4 at ARBA convention, and a Best 4-Class. These accomplishments are nearly unheard of for a rare breed like an American Sable. I am thankful for my sister, who I raise rabbits with; my parents, who help with everything; Brenda Reilly and Christi Ringelstetter, who have helped me learn about breeds and judging; Judy Paul, who got me started in Sables; and the Fitzsimmons family, who began it all.

Duchess - Brooke Brady

I've gotten so far with my rabbits, and mostly because of my mom. I started with a few Black Otter Mini Rex that could sometimes win Best of Variety, and now I've gone as far as winning Reserve in Show and having my rabbits become Grand Champions. I know every yearat our County Fair, I would win Grand Champion Showman,all thanks to a very kind girl I meet in Waukesha CountyRabbit project who taught me how to do showmanship. The person who has helped me the most is my mom, who let me start breeding rabbits, who buys the feed and supplies, who pays the vet bills, who drives me to shows, who does so much for me and my rabbits. I can't thank her enough for letting me do this.

Duke - Clayton Schwendimann

I have won many best and opposite of breeds at many shows and even a few best in shows. Our Checkered Giant Liza won best in show at the 2013 Wisconsin State Fair for open class. She also won a best of breed at ARBA National convention. I have also won some opposite of breeds at national convention. I was a member of the 3rd place quiz bowl team for District 3 at the 2014 ARBA National Convention. I have won Champion Beginner Showmanship 2 years in a row at my fair. I would like to thank Jill Schmitt for selling me my first rabbit to start my rabbitry. My parents for taking to shows and paying bills. My grandparents for taking care of my rabbits at home when we are away at shows. Thank You to all of the people who raise breeds with me for helping me learn multiple things and especially thank my rabbits for being so much fun.


Princess - Kersten Zimmerman

I was named WSRBA Lady in 2011 and WSRBA Princess in 2015. I have won numerous Best in Shows with my Havanas; including Best of Breed Havana at the 2013 ARBA Convention. I have done well at my County Fair in the rabbit project too. I would like to thank my parents, Tanya and Andy Zimmerman, for all the help getting me to the shows and giving me the opportunity to be in the rabbit project.

Lord - Noah Lasley

I have a lot of firsts in class, I have a lot best of breeds, best opposite sex, and best of varieties. I even got a Reserve In Show at my first show with one of my first Dutch M405.Thank you Melody, for starting me of with Dutch. Thank you Papa for showing me what a good rabbit is, and starting me off with Florida Whites. Thank you Mama for taking us to rabbit shows. Thank you John for always being on my side. And a Special Thanks to Jim Miller for giving me wisdom, cheering me on and welcoming me into the rabbit world.

Congrats to all the recipients of the WSRBA Royalty contest! We are proud of you!