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2017 WSRBA State Convention information will be available soon!
State Convention Enteries - Postmarked by Aug 30th.
2016 WSRBA Breed Specials
To all WSRBA Members:
Last fall the WSRBA Board chose to have this year's State Convention Breed Chairs be the Open Sweepstakes winners from the 2015 - 2016 Sweepstakes year.  This document outlines who the breed chairs will be and the money you will receive for open and youth.  There have been a couple individuals that have volunteered specifically for a breed this year and those changes are reflected here.
As Breed Chairman you are responsible for finding your own writers for the State Convention show Saturday September 10.  The money you receive for breed specials should be used towards awards for the State Convention show Saturday September 10.
If you are unable to fulfill these responsibilities please private message me with a replacement.
Checks for breed specials will be mailed to the breed chairs in the next two weeks.
We appreciate everyone's support and dedication to ensure a successful State Convention show!!